I travel to help those who need it most. Each day thousands of people die in the poorest countries due to diseases like brucellosis, malaria, chagas… Research in these fields can help them.

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All the money raised goes to research to find a cure to these diseases, the main cause of death of more than 3000 million people.

Institute of Tropical Health of University of Navarra  (ISTUN)

Global health
The objective of the Institute of Tropical Health of Universidad de Navarra is to find diagnosis, treatment, prevention and disease control solutions for developing countries, as well as to share training. Considering that we live in a global world where ones health is health for all. The Institute  through its  work  aims  to improve the quality of life of people in these countries in order to avoid that in the future, theses disease can be named as “forgotten” or “neglected”.

Biomedical alliance

The Institute echoes the experience of decades of Multidisciplinary Research of diseases which has been developed in the schools of Medicine, Pharmacy, Sciences, Nursing, the Navarra University Clinic, the Centre of Applied Medical Research (CIMA) and the School of Engineering.

International vision

The Institute seeks to approximate its research to clinical application in collaboration with hospitals and research centres of universities in developing countries. To do so, it collaborates with investigators and scientists from different institutions and universities in Peru, Argentina, Costa Rica, Mali, Nigeria, Mozambique, Mongolia, Congo, France, Portugal, Switzerland and Tanzania, among others.

Research and technology transfer

The Institute of Tropical Health of the Universidad de Navarra works to achieve an active participation of the countries in order to transfer knowledge and technology to the affected countries.